PLUS 300

CAW® reaches the cells to ensure that the active ingredient is not destroyed before entering the blood stream to increase the absorption of cycloastragenol in the body (bioavailability).

CAW® PLUS300 is a all natural, plant-based compound which can help maintain or rebuild telomeres, that diminish as people get older.

Innovative fully dissolution technology. The solubility of cycloastragenol in water is significantly improved by the formula of water-solubility cycloastragenol capsule.

Cycloastragenol supplements have been proven safe and effective in more than a decade of studies and in use by people worldwide.

The same molecular, but better bioavailability, better absorption, better effects, lower price.

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Better Absorption
Water-solublity Cycloastragenol improve the bioavailability
Quality Guarantee
Third-party authoritative laboratory testing, the purity of CAW® active ingredients is over 99.5%
Positive Feedback
Taking CAW® for about 9 months, most people will obviously look younger

Money Back Guarantee
If you are unsatisfied with the quality of the CAW® product, simply return the unused portion within 30 days for a full refund
Free Shipping Worldwide
There are warehouses in Europe, North America and Asia to ensure fast delivery.
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Made in USA
CAW® products are made in the USA

CAW®PLUS 300 Water-Solubility Cycloastragenol Capsule

Application of Cycloastragenol-TA65 in UK

TA-65-is-Cycloastragenol-AACL Intertek Report

CAW® Cycloastragenol Intertek Report

CAW® PLUS 300   is a new preparation capsule. It is composed of high-purity macromolecular Astragalus polysaccharides and high-purity Cycloastragenol. Uses advanced preparation technology to combine Astragalus polysaccharides and Cycloastragenol together, so that the molecules of Cycloastragenol are combined with the molecules of Astragalus polysaccharides. The combination in this way can increase the solubility of PLUS 300 in water.The solubility of Cycloastragenol in PLUS 300 is up to 10mg/ml in water, which is 300 times higher than that of common Cycloastragenol capsule (only 0.03 mg/ml in water)

The molecular weight distribution chromatogram of high purity Macromolecular Astragalus polysaccharides.

The contents of PLUS 300 are completely water-soluble, while the common Cycloastragenol couldn't be dissolved in water.

PLUS 300 can be rapidly dissolved in the gastrointestinal tract and quickly absorbed into the blood circulation by the human body. Compared with common Cycloastragenol capsule, the bioavailability of PLUS 300 has been significantly improved.


Activation Telomerase & Lengthen Telomere

Anti-Aging & Immunity Boost

DNA Health

Cell Health

Safety and Efficacy

CAW follows stringent quality control procedures to ensure the safety and efficacy of its products, including a rigorous testing and analysis program across all phases of supply and production.

Fast delivery

CAW® has warehouses in Europe, North America and Asia. In order to ensure fast delivery, we will choose different warehouses to ship according to the delivery address and inventory status.


• This product is to be taken by people over 30 years old.

• Not for pregnant or nursing women, children, or those with severe liver or kidney disease.


It is strongly recommended that these supplements are TAKEN FOR A MINIMUM OF 9 MONTHS. It can be taken continuously.

Drug Interactions

Users are recommended to take a high quality multivitamin or multimineral along with this supplement. Telomerase relies on certain vitamin and mineral cofactors to work.

We recommend that you take these supplements at least 1 hour before/after you take other nutritional supplements or medicine.