1. Why buy Supplements from CAW®?

A. Quality Guaranteed by the USA third party test report.

B. Value for money; The active ingredient of TA-65 is Cycloastragenol but their price is high.

C. Money Back Guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with the quality of the CAW® product, simply return the unused portion within 30 days for a full refund.

2. What dosage should I take for CAW® Cycloastragenol and Astragaloside IV?

• The recommended dosage for Cycloastragenol is

A. 5mg/day for healthy adults in their 30's - 50's;

B. 10mg/day for healthy adults in their 50's - 60's;

C. 25mg/day for healthy adults in their 70's;

• The recommended dosage for Astragaloside IV is 50mg/day.

• The recommended dosage for PLUS 300 WATER-SOLUBILITY CYCLOASTRAGENOL

A. 1cap/day for healthy adults in their 30's - 50's;

B. 2caps/day for healthy adults in their 60's;

3. What changes can I expected for taking CAW® supplements?

Normally, through the use of CAW® supplements, you will reach an important biological rejuvenation of cells within 2 to 3 years.

Fight aging with CAW® Cycloastragenol

Hold back aging and increase life expectancy by activating the special enzyme in the human body.

• Fewer Wrinkles, Shinier Hair;

• Healthier skin, Better Mood;

• Better Eyesight, Deeper Sleep;

• Better Sexual Performance;

• Better Exercise Recovery Time...

Fight aging with CAW® Astragaloside IV

• Build up your immune system.

• Improves energy and feelings of vitality, memory and mental ability.

• Improves appearance as related to skin, hair.

• Improves vision, sexual performance, increase in bone density and more...

4. How long can I see obvious changes of my body after taking CAW® supplements?

It depends on individual situation. It usually takes around 3 - 6 months to feel the differences and the effects of this supplement.

5. How large are the CAW® Cycloastragenol and Astragaloside IV capsules?

If you have trouble in swallowing large capsules, please do not worry. The size of capsules we used is 0#, it is about the size of a tylenol capsule, and

relatively easy to swallow, as they are somewhat soft to the touch.

6. Our team will be happy to help with any questions:


Order in bulk (100 bottles above) or any questions, please contact us via sales@counteragingwise.com