Telomere Length Get Longer Customer Case sharing

Here is a real life case-study of our customer Rose. She has voluntarily shared her astonishing experience of before and after taking CounterAgeWise products over the course of 12 months.

Born in 1963, Rose wanted to find a product that can prolong life that was safe, clinically tested and effective. She set out to test the effectiveness of CounterAgeWise products so she conducted a telomere length test before and after taking the products and shared her reports with us.

In February 2017 she conducted her first telomere test and got her results from a telomere length testing company Life Length in Spain.

Her first report resulted in her Median Telomere Length being 9.7+- 0.1kb with her estimated biological age as 59 years old although her actual age was 53.2. She reasoned that her tense ties with her family and extreme financial difficulties were responsible.

Thereafter, she started taking CounterAgeWise Cycloastregenol 98% 25mg capsules per day (for 12 months from 20th Feb 2017 onwards). She reported that in her first 10 days she felt a huge difference especially in her energy levels and sleep quality. But the following 2-3 months she didn’t. She was advised by CAW customer after care support that she’ll need more time to see a difference.

Sure enough, the magic happened 6 months in. Friends who she hadn’t met for a long time told her she looked much younger and she even felt a boost in her immune system as she hadn’t caught a single cold!

Then she conducted her second telomere test in May 2018.

Her second test result shows her Median Telomere Length (MTL) has changed from 9.7±0.1 Kb to 11.0±0.1 Kb and her estimated biological age drops from 59 years old to 51.3 years old.

With much excitement and surprise she decided to share her story with us. Her satisfaction (amongst many others) in our products is what drives us to be better and do right by our customers to the best of our ability.

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