High-quality source of raw materials

In order to ensure product quality, CAW adhere to a strict audit system for the sources of raw materials.
CAW raw materials natural Astragalus was selected from western China, to ensure safe and high quality.

Strict GMP production management

Plant was GMP certified for natural food, with top production and packaging equipment, advanced workshop, strict production management system.
All-digital batch management can accurately lock all the information of the production and packaging of a product, including personnel and raw material sources.

Advanced product management

Each batch of CAW finished products have passed the SGS sample testing, the main purpose of sample testing is to confirm whether the content of ingredients meets the assay as it marked,
and whether it conforms to United States Pharmacopoeia standard (USP) requirements.

R & D-driven innovation

CAW has 6 years of development experience and 4 years of production experience;
professional and efficient R & D and production teams ensure that we can continue to provide consumers with the most advanced high-quality products.