Telomere Length Get Longer Customer Case sharing

Here shares a true case of our customers named Rose, who shared her telomere length testing report with us before taking CounterAgingWise products and after taking CounterAgingWise products for 12 months.

Rose was born in 1963 and she wants to find a product that can prolong one’s life.

She wants to prove the effects of CounterAgingWise Products, so she does this telomere length testing comparison and shared her report with us.

First, before taking CounterAgingWise, she has a telomere length test from a telomere length testing company named Life Length, S.L. in Spain. She got her first report in February 2017.

From her first report, we see that her Median Telomere Length(MTL) is 9.7±0.1 Kb, and estimated biological age is 59 years old although she was only 53.2 years old at that time.

She said this maybe because of the tense relationship with family members and high pressure on financial problems.

She recorded that the first day she began to take CounterAgingWise Cycloastragenol 98% 25mg capsules per day is 20th February 2017 and insist on taking for 12 months.

Based on her feedback, for the first 10 days of taking, she feels big difference such as more energetic and sleep better, but then, she cannot feel any difference for the following 2-3 months. After communication with CounterAgingWise, she noticed that it may need more time to see the difference.

The magic thing happens around insisting on taking 6 months. Her long-time no sees friends told her that she looks much younger than before. And she thought that her immune system was improved because during the whole year, she never gets one cold which will usually happen 2 to 3 times in previous years.

Then she had her second telomere length testing report in May 2018.

From her second report, we see that her Median Telomere Length(MTL) changes from 9.7±0.1 Kb to 11.0±0.1 Kb , and estimated biological age changes from 59 years old to 51.3 years old.

She was so surprised to such big changes. After receiving the test report, she excitedly shared the report with us.

We so appreciate customers share their report with us and we are so glad that our products can bring changes to customers.

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